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meat board

Cut your meat on a beautiful meat board

Have you prepared a tasty roast for your guests? Then you have to present your dish nicely while cutting it. This can be done on a nice meat board. A meat board is nothing more than a wooden board on which you serve the meat. You can cut the meat on this in the kitchen, but also at the dinner table. Although a meat board may be self-evident in your kitchen, the quality and certainly the appearance is of great importance. A meat board must be easy to clean hygienically and the material must not be too hard, so that the carving knife quickly becomes blunt. Appearance is important for presenting your meat on the meat board.

Order a meat board of the very best quality

If you are going to order a meat board, the quality is the most important. Sturdy knives are used to cut meat and a meat board must be able to withstand this. Therefore choose a meat board from Cookx. High quality is a matter of course with our meat and serving boards. That is why a Cookx meat board is also made of solid oak. The wood is sturdy enough for cutting pieces of meat, prevents knives from becoming dull quickly and the appearance of the wood makes the meat board an eye-catcher in your kitchen. Our meat board is available according to need in various sizes, from small to very large.

Buying a meat board from Cookx

Whatever type of meat board you purchase and whatever you use your meat board for, with a Cookx meat board you have found the perfect meat board. Each meat board is made with passion in our own factory, where we have set up a sustainable production. A Cookx meat board does not only mean excellent quality, it is also a sustainably responsible choice. Buying a meat board is very easy in our webshop. After ordering, we ensure fast delivery within 2 to 3 working days.

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