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Tapas board black

Make an impression with a tapas board in black

Eating tapas together with your friends and/or family guarantees a lot of fun. Tapas snacks include cheeses and meats, but also vegetable snacks that are beautifully presented on a tapas board. No matter how beautiful your tapas snacks look, it is the tapas board that completes the presentation. That is why you should pay a lot of attention to what kind of tapas board you use. You can opt for a traditional tapas board in natural wood colours, but you will really impress with a tapas board in black. A black tapas board is special and looks luxurious.

A high quality black tapas board

A black tapas board from Cookx has the same high quality as a natural tapas board. The quality we deliver has everything to do with the use of materials. A Cookx tapas board is made of oak. This is a very strong and beautiful type of wood. An oak tapas board is virtually indestructible, so you will enjoy it for years to come. We have used a black maintenance-free lacquer, which gives the tapas board a unique look. Yet the wood remains visible, so that you can still enjoy the structure of the oak. Our tapas boards are available in different sizes and shapes. You can choose a round tapas board, a square or a rectangular tapas board.

Buy a tapas board in black at Cookx

If you are looking for a special tapas board, you can buy a tapas board in black at Cookx. Our tapas boards are not only of very high quality in oak, we have an ecologically responsible production. This allows you to buy our tapas board without any objections and you even support the environment. You can order a tapas board in our webshop, where you can choose from the desired size, shape and color. We do not charge shipping costs for orders from € 100,- and you will receive your tapas board within 2 to 3 working days.

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