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Tapas board anthracite

A beautiful tapas table with an anthracite tapas board

Nowadays you really should have one or more tapas boards at home. With a tapas board you are very flexible and you always ensure a beautiful presentation. A tapas board can be used for many occasions. Obviously, as the name implies, for your tapas. But it is also possible to use a tapas board as a snack board. If necessary, you can also present dishes on this, instead of on a plate. Think of a nicely prepared hamburger. This is much more stylish when served on a tapas board. A tapas board in anthracite will be completely controversial. 25. Serving board anthracite, buy anthracite serving board, serving board anthracite

Impress with an anthracite tapas board

Make an impression with an anthracite tapas board. Although an anthracite tapas board is also made of wood, the original wood color does not always have to be leading. This is well reflected in an anthracite tapas board from Cookx. Our tapas board is made of oak, a type of wood with a beautiful appearance and it is a very strong type of wood. To make the tapas board anthracite, we use a maintenance-free lacquer. The lacquer offers long-lasting protection, so that your tapas board does not require any further maintenance. In addition to the striking anthracite color of the tapas board, you can also choose a specific shape or size. We have tapas boards from small to large, in a round shape or rectangular.

Buy a tapas board in anthracite from Cookx

Would you also like to buy a beautiful tapas board in anthracite? Then visit the Cookx website. We use natural materials such as wood and leather for all our products. The production of our products and also of your tapas board is completely under our own management. In our own workshop we ensure an ecologically responsible production, whereby even our wood waste is reused. When ordering in our webshop, you can indicate which shape and size you want and we will ensure delivery within 2 to 3 working days.

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