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Cake tray oak

An oak cake plate is strong and beautiful

A cake tray is there to present a cake in a beautiful way. Although a cake can be very beautiful to look at, its presentation is also quite an art. Of course you can place the cake on a plate and put it on the table. But then something is missing. The secret of a pie plate is that it has a foot underneath. This means that your cake will be higher. If you already have a tall cake, it will look even more spectacular on a raised cake tray. If you have a low cake, it will appear less small and thin. With a cake tray in oak, you create the perfect look for your cakes.

An oak cake tray from Cookx

If you're looking for an oak cake platter, it's best to start looking. Many cake trays are made of plastic and therefore lack the authentic look. It is precisely the oak wood that ensures authenticity. Moreover, no oak cake tray is the same. The drawing of the wood is different for each item, so that an oak cake tray is always unique. If you opt for an oak cake tray from Cookx, it is also made by hand in an authentic way and finished with a maintenance-free lacquer or oil. This gives your oak cake tray the luxurious look you want to achieve and a successful presentation of your cakes is guaranteed.

Buy an oak cake tray at Cookx

The authentic way in which an oak cake plate is made by Cookx, already indicates that wood plays an important role. Our family business has been active in wood production for decades and the high quality of our products is also central to Cookx. On our oak cake tray, your cake will get just that look that you may have been missing. Buying a cake tray made of oak is very easy in our webshop. Make a choice from the dimensions and color and we will ensure a fast delivery.

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