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pie platter

Serve your cakes on a stylish plate platter

If you have a birthday or any other occasion to celebrate, this includes a beautiful cake. Baking cakes yourself is a popular hobby these days and a beautiful presentation is part of this. Of course, this also applies if you buy your cakes from the bakery. A cake plate is indispensable for a beautiful presentation. You can place one large cake on a cake tray, which you cut on the tray. It is also possible to place several smaller pastries on the cake tray. Place a cake tray with pastries on the table and your table will immediately look very festive.

Order a functional and beautiful cake plate

If you want to order a cake plate, you must first choose the dimensions. There are small, large and even very large cake trays for sale. This mainly depends on the size of the cakes you usually serve. Maybe you want different sized cake trays, so that you always have a suitable model? In addition, the appearance of a cake plate is very important. Of course it's about the cake, but also about the way in which it is presented. A beautiful wooden cake tray makes a cake much more attractive than on a cheap looking plastic cake tray. So choose a cake tray from Cookx if you want to serve your cakes in style.

Buying a cake tray from Cookx

What makes a Cookx cake plate so special? We know that the presentation of your cakes and pastries is very important. That is why we have designed an inviting cake plate, which we make authentically by hand in our own factory in Pelt. Our passion for wood is certainly reflected in the cake tray. For example, through the choice of oak. Oak is a beautiful type of wood and also very beautiful to look at. Do you want to buy a Cookx cake plate? Then all you have to do is visit our webshop. We will then deliver the cake tray to you within 2 to 3 working days.

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