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Serving board 100 cm

Is a serving board of 100 cm. enough for you?

Cheeses, sausages or tapas snacks should always be presented on a serving board. These are typical snacks that you serve when you have visitors. But with a serving board you can go either way. Bread, pizza or other food items can also be presented well on a serving board. Food that has yet to be cut, in particular, comes into its own on a serving board. A good serving board is also a cutting board. Would you like to set a table nicely with snacks or food? A trend is to use a very large serving board, on which you display all the food. This is possible on a serving board of 100 cm.

Why is a 100 cm. serving board so handy?

In many households, the dining table consists of a rectangular shape. These are often dining tables from 1.60 to 2.00 meters, which you can sit around with 6 to 8 people. This does mean that you always have to pass plates and bowls to each other. You cannot reach the snacks on the other side of the table. You can solve this with a 100 cm. serving board in the center of the table. You can place all your dishes or snacks here, so that you create more space and everyone can reach everything. If you choose a 100 cm. serving board from Cookx, then you have a beautiful and very sturdy serving board made of oak.

A serving board 100 cm. buy from Cookx

You will find everything you need for a beautiful presentation of your snacks, snacks or meals in the Cookx webshop. Even if you have a 100 cm server shelf. If you want to buy, you can rest assured that a one-meter Cookx serving board is of the highest quality. We manage the production process of our products entirely in-house. Because working with wood is our passion, your serving board is traditionally made by hand. Our 100cm. serving board will certainly be the eye-catcher on your dining table.

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