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Placemats anthracite

Placemats in anthracite are stylish and luxurious

The use of placemats for your dining table offers several advantages. You can finish setting the table much faster. Perhaps you have used a tablecloth very stylishly? Then you know that this can be very difficult. A tablecloth must be ironed, otherwise it is full of wrinkles and stains can only come out if it is washed. This is not a problem with placemats. With placemats made of leather, you also create the same appearance as a table with a tablecloth. Leather also exudes luxury and completely in the right color. Think of leather placemats in anthracite.

The anthracite placemats from Cookx are of high quality

With the anthracite placemats from Cookx, you do not only choose stylish and luxurious looking placemats. Our placemats are of high quality. This of course has to do with the fact that they are made of leather. Leather lasts an incredibly long time and we apply an extra protective layer on top. This gives you beautiful placemats that will last a lifetime. The anthracite color is a favorite color if you want to achieve a luxurious look. Whether you want a modern decoration of the table or whether you go for a classically decorated table, our leather anthracite placemats always fit.

Buy placemats in anthracite from Cookx

If you want to buy the placemats in anthracite from Cookx, you can be sure of a high quality. Working with natural materials, such as wood and leather, is central to us. We do not outsource anything, our products are made in our own factory. Even if you order our placemats, you will receive real authentic Belgian quality. You will find our placemats in our webshop, where you can order them very easily. In addition to anthracite, you can choose from 7 other colors. We also have a choice regarding the shape. You can choose rectangular or round placemats.

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