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Pot coaster

When do you use a pan coaster?

A pan coaster is a very useful tool for the kitchen, but certainly also for the dining table. You can use the trivet during cooking, for example when you remove a pan from the heat. By no means all worktops in the kitchen can withstand prolonged heat. It is then useful if you have a pan coaster here. Usually a pan coaster will be placed on the dining table. With a beautiful dining table you want to be careful and placing a hot pan on the table top can cause major damage. When setting the table, a pan coaster is then a logical part of the table layout.

Opt for inviting wooden pan coasters

Partly because pan coasters are often part of the decoration of a dining table, you want to use representative and inviting pan coasters. It is best to use Cookx wooden pan coasters for this. Our wooden pan coasters are unique. We make our pan coasters in an authentic way and they are made of solid oak. Oak wood is a beautiful type of wood and brings warmth and coziness to every dining table. In addition, it is a very strong type of wood. An oak pan coaster can easily withstand the heat of a pan. Because we finish our pan coasters with a lacquer, we apply an extra protective layer and you can easily keep them clean.

Buy a pan coaster from Cookx

Would you also like to buy a Cookx pan coaster? Then you can expect the highest quality. We pay a lot of attention to our wooden pan coasters and also to the production process. Our production process is completely sustainable. Our wood waste is almost entirely reused. You therefore not only buy high quality pan coasters, but which are also made in a responsible manner. Ordering one or more pan coasters in our webshop is quick and easy and we deliver within 3 working days. We also offer you a choice of coasters in various sizes and in a natural color or black lacquered.

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