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Houten zoutmolen

Wooden salt mill

Use a wooden salt mill in the kitchen

It's dirt cheap to buy, but so important in the kitchen to use: salt. Without salt, many a dish will be tasteless. A salt mill is needed to easily distribute the salt over the food. With a salt mill you don't have to worry about how fine the salt is. Coarse sea salt, for example, also fits in a salt mill, after which the salt grains are ground very fine. Besides the fact that you use a salt mill in the kitchen, it can also be used on the table. Your guests may like something saltier to eat, so it is useful if there is a salt mill on the table. A beautiful wooden salt mill makes the table just a little more attractive.

Why order a wooden salt mill?

There are many types of salt mills available. One even more beautiful and tighter than the other and many types of materials are used. Wood is the most classic material, with which kitchen accessories have been made for centuries. Ordering a wooden salt mill is definitely worth it. Wood is a strong material and has proven itself for many years as a useful material in the kitchen. In addition, wood is hygienic and easy to oil, so it will last for years and look like new. A wooden salt mill on your dinner table looks inviting and contributes to a cozy atmosphere.

Buying a wooden salt mill at Cookx

By buying a wooden salt mill from Cookx, you are choosing a beautiful and high quality salt mill. Our salt mill is made of oak wood. Oak wood has some positive properties. For example, oak is very strong wood and has a warm appearance. This is also the reason that many people choose our wooden salt mill. In addition, we produce our products in an authentic way in our own factory and also in a sustainable way. You can easily order a wooden salt mill in our webshop. We will then ensure fast delivery within 3 working days.
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