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Wooden coasters

Decorate your table with wooden coasters

You may need to use coasters to protect your table. If you have a table made of a sensitive material, it cannot withstand extreme heat or moisture. Still, you want to use your table functionally. Then take the right precautions and place coasters on your table. Even if you have a table that can take a beating, you can still use coasters. Coasters can also serve as an eye-catcher to make your table more attractive. Coasters are available in many sizes and types. With wooden coasters you always have attractive coasters on the table.

What is the advantage of wooden coasters?

Wooden coasters have several advantages. First, wood is highly resistant to moisture and stains. It is not without reason that wood is often used for a cutting board. The main reason for using coasters is to protect your table. Wooden coasters absorb the first moisture when you spill. Wooden coasters are very easy to clean with a damp cloth. In addition, wooden coasters are of course stylish. Wood always has a special and warm appearance and with this you give your beautifully set table a certain atmosphere. This is certainly the case with the oak wood coasters from Cookx.

Buy your wooden coasters at Cookx

Do you need large coasters for placing pans on the table? Or do you need small coasters to place drinking glasses on? At Cookx you can buy all types of wooden coasters. Choose from round or square coasters, painted black or in natural. Ordering your wooden coasters is very easy in our webshop. In addition, we ship within 3 days, so you never have to wait long for your beautiful wooden coasters to be delivered to your home. In addition to wooden coasters, you can also contact us for leather coasters.
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