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Extra large serving board

If big isn't enough, there's the extra large serving board

Whether you are receiving visitors or organizing a party, snacks are always a part of it. They are easy-to-prepare snacks that you can serve in minutes. Serving snacks in a beautiful and authentic way is of course done with a snack board. Usually a serving board is made of wood and this gives just that little bit of extra atmosphere. Moreover, you can store more snacks and sauces on a serving board than on a plate. If you have a lot of snacks to serve, an average size of the snack board is not enough. If even a large serving board is not big enough, opt for an extra large serving board.

Make an impression with an extra large serving board

With an extra large serving board of one meter long, you will always attract attention. In addition to the fact that you can store more than enough snacks on this, an extra large serving board also exudes luxury. This is especially the case with an extra large serving board from Cookx. This has to do with the appearance of our serving board. It is made of solid oak wood. This is a type of wood with a warm and cozy appearance. With our oak serving board extra large, you can serve your snacks in a friendly way. An oak serving board is of course very strong and guarantees years of drinking pleasure.

Buy an extra large serving board from Cookx

For a high-quality serving board, you can always visit the Cookx webshop. Whatever size serving board you want, you have a lot of choice with us. Do you want to buy an extra large serving board? This format is also part of our range. The quality is high with us, because we still manufacture our wooden serving boards by hand in our own factory. With a Cookx serving board you buy extra large, so real Belgian quality. In addition, we have a completely sustainable production process, in which we generate energy with solar panels and reuse wood waste. Our serving board is therefore also an ecologically responsible purchase.

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