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Draaiplateau groot

Turntable large

With a turntable in large format, fun is a fact

Do you regularly invite many people to eat together, for a drink or for a party? Then this includes tasty snacks. Sitting together around a large dining table promotes conviviality and you can then fill the table with the necessary snacks and delicacies. With a large turntable, you make it just that little bit easier to get to the snacks. You don't have to ask anyone else to pass on anything, you just turn the turntable until you find your treat. Moreover, a large format turntable always looks very stylish on a festive table.

A large turntable made of solid oak wood

If you are looking for a large turntable, consider the Cookx turntable. A turntable should not only be functional, it should also look beautiful and stylish. This is exactly what a large Cookx turntable meets. The turntable is made of 100% solid oak. Oak is a very strong type of wood, so you can rest assured that you will enjoy it for a lifetime. With a heavy turning mechanism, incorporated in a sturdy oak base, you can turn the plateau smoothly. For a large turntable, you can choose from sizes L of 60 centimeters and XL of 80 centimeters.

Buy a large turntable at Cookx

For decades, Cookx has been a family business where passion for wood is central. The newest generation of the family business has introduced Cookx and they make very high-quality wooden products for use in the kitchen. If you want to buy a large turntable, look no further. In our webshop you can easily order a high-quality turntable in large format or in the format you wish. We have our own factory where we produce our products in a sustainable way. Your ordered turntable will be delivered directly and quickly from our factory.

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