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Turntable anthracite

Nice and modern with a turntable in anthracite color

With a lot of visitors around a table, it is very cozy with all kinds of snacks and snacks. But do you want to prevent everyone from bending over the table to grab something delicious? This often leads to 'accidents', such as a glass of wine being knocked over and stains on the table or clothes. A relatively simple solution is a turntable, on which you put all the snacks. Everyone can now easily reach their favorite snack. With a turntable in anthracite color, you give the table a modern and sleek look. Your beautiful turntable will certainly be the topic of conversation.

A high quality anthracite turntable

Everyone gets easy access to all the snacks you place on a turntable. An anthracite turntable is completely in line with the current trend, in which black and anthracite are modern accent colours. The Cookx turntable is one of very high quality and lasts a very long time. Our turntables are made of 100% solid oak wood. In addition, we have provided the turntable with a 2-component paint in the color anthracite. The advantage of this is that maintenance is very simple. Just wipe it with a cloth, you don't need to oil the wood. Of course, you can also expect a heavy-duty turning mechanism under the turntable. You will enjoy years of pleasure with a Cookx anthracite turntable.

Buy a turntable in anthracite from Cookx

The fact that Cookx turntables are of high quality has everything to do with the craftsmanship that has been present in our family business for many years. Working with wood is a passion for us and with Cookx we make wooden products for the kitchen that make it easier for you, but which are also beautiful to look at. Buying a turntable in anthracite is easy in our webshop. We deliver quickly, so that you can continue your visit with a beautiful turntable at the first opportunity.

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