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Design peper en zoutmolen

Design pepper and salt mill

Attract attention with a designer salt and pepper mill

It is not the case that you only use salt and pepper in the kitchen. Of course, this includes salt and pepper, so that you can season your ingredients. But also on the table belongs a salt and pepper set. Some people like to eat their food a little saltier or spice it up with some pepper. You take all guests into account while cooking. So not too much salt and pepper, so that everyone can use salt and pepper as they wish. A nicely set table is part of it when you receive guests and a beautiful design pepper and salt mill on it. This will certainly attract the attention of your guests.

A pepper and salt mill design made of wood is beautiful to see

A salt and pepper mill has a double function. First of all, there is the usage function. Fill the pepper and salt mill with salt grains and scoops of pepper. The job of the grinder is then to grind all this very finely and sprinkle it over the food. Another function of a salt and pepper mill is to look beautiful on a set table. A salt and pepper mill design made of solid oak, for example, is beautiful to see. The pepper and salt mill has an authentic appearance, with a warm appearance. When you choose the Cookx pepper and salt mill design, it is also made in an authentic way.

Buy a design salt and pepper mill from Cookx

Although Cookx is still a young and fresh company of the youngest generation, its roots go back several decades. Cookx is a family business, where working with wood has always been central and this is still the case today. Buying a design salt and pepper mill from Cookx means that you choose high quality. We make your design pepper and salt mill authentic by hand and you can choose from a natural wood color or black lacquered wood when ordering. Visit our webshop to view and order the models.
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