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design coasters

Dress up your table with beautiful design coasters

You may have a beautiful coffee table or dining table, but the top layer consists of a sensitive wood layer? Then it is possible that your table is not well resistant to moisture or heat and because of this you have to use coasters for your cups and glasses. This is not always fun, because many coasters detract from the design of your beautiful table. To keep your table beautiful, even with coasters, it is best to choose designer coasters. Design coasters made of sturdy oak are robust, beautiful to look at and are absolute design.


The benefits of design coasters

You enjoy various advantages if you choose coasters with a design made of sturdy oak. Partly due to the strength of the wood, oak is one of the most popular types of wood. In addition, the appearance of oak plays an important role. It is not for nothing that many people choose oak furniture. The sleek design of the oak coasters with Cookx design does not detract from the design of your beautiful table. The coasters are suitable for all glasses and cups that you use. Time and again you can use the beautiful design coasters and thus prevent damage to your table. The coasters are also finished with an extra layer of lacquer, so that you can clean them quickly and easily.


Buy design coasters from Cookx

You will certainly be very happy with the Cookx design coasters. By buying these design coasters, you finally have beautiful coasters that match the design of your beloved table. Because our coasters are made with great love for wood and in an authentic and sustainable way, we can guarantee the high quality. You can buy the design coasters in our webshop, where you can choose from coasters made of natural oak (nature white) or in matt black lacquered. We offer you many online payment options to complete your order immediately and enjoy your coasters quickly.
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