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Drinking board 100 cm

With a serving board of 100 cm. can you organize a big drink

Are you organizing a party or do you have a visit from family, friends or acquaintances? Make it even more fun with a tasty appetizer or other snacks and snacks. Of course you can put everything on a plate, but a presentation of your snacks on a serving board is preferable. A serving board looks much nicer and more stylish. You can place a serving board in the middle of the table and everyone can use it. If you have a lot of visitors, you will also need more snacks and therefore a larger serving board. Is a serving board of 100 cm. big enough for you?

A 100cm. serving board brings a lot of fun

On a 100 cm. Of course, you can store many more snacks and snacks on a serving board than on an average serving board of 30 cm. The serving board is therefore ideal if you receive many people. It saves you a lot of work, because the serving board is not empty nearly as quickly. Such a large serving board must of course also be beautiful and stylish to see. Therefore choose a 100 cm. serving board from Cookx. Our serving board is made of 100% oak wood. Oak wood has a beautiful and warm appearance. As a result, the serving board also contributes to the cosiness. In addition to the aesthetic appearance, an oak serving board is very strong and durable.

A serving board of 100 cm. buy at Cookx

At Cookx everything revolves around the love and passion for wood. We have been a family business where wood is central for over 30 years and we are still one of the few specialized wood production companies. What is unique about our working method is that we have the production of our serving boards and other products entirely under our own management. Your serving board is handmade in a sustainable way. Our factory is self-sufficient through solar panels and we reuse wood waste. Do you want a serving board of 100 cm. to buy? Take a look in our webshop and make a choice from our many serving boards.


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