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How do you maintain a wooden COOKX shelf?

Hoe onderhoud je een houten COOKX plank?

Denise Heesakker |

At Cookx we would like to see our products, made with diligent labor and with lots of love, then also used intensively by their new owners. And that for a lifetime, for limitless kitchen inspiration and table enjoyment.

We would like to inform you not only to fully enjoy the taste of life, but also how you do it. By properly maintaining the cutting board(s) and other wood products that you use on a daily basis. And for that we start at the very beginning.

After all, as you undoubtedly know, wood is a product of nature. And nature, which is alive. Beautiful, but capricious. This means that your wooden cutting board can also come into operation and, for example, will expand or contract when it comes into contact with humidity or extreme temperature fluctuations.

Despite the fact that wood is a particularly hygienic material by nature (the tannin in it kills bacteria) and we provide our products with a maintenance-friendly oil layer , it is still necessary to clean them properly after use. And it's best to do this in the same way that your cutting board is made: by hand.

So no dishwasher , but a slightly damp cloth and a little Dreft. Especially when you (as we only wish) handle your cutting board more than regularly, proper maintenance from time to time is anything but a superfluous luxury. By sanding your board every other month with a scouring pad and greasing it again, you breathe new life into it.

For this you use, for example, salad oil , or another odorless and tasteless (edible) oil of your preference . This will put a new protective layer around your cutting board, so that it is as good as new again, and only becomes more beautiful with use.

When restoring your cutting board, do so upright, and never when it is still damp. In addition, be careful never to expose your wood product to direct sunlight, as it can discolour.

Now that we have revealed all our secrets to the proper maintenance of your cutting board, nothing stands in the way of enjoying your Cookx product to the fullest. Every day, everywhere. In your own kitchen or living room, your favorite restaurant, or with friends or family.

In addition to our collection of Oak kitchen accessories, you can now also order a maintenance kit or a small bottle of foodcare in your webshop to maintain it optimally. And they lived happily ever after.

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