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COOKX x Cook at Home Belgium

COOKX x Cook at Home Belgium

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COOKX: official partner of Cook at Home Belgium

Cook at Home is a new online platform in Belgium that offers a wide range of video cooking lessons taught by expert chefs such as Piet Huysentruyt, Sandra Bekkari, Wout Bru, Peter de Clercq, Chloe Lauwers and Marco Cellini. The platform's mission is to make it easy for anyone to learn how to cook delicious meals from the comfort of their own home for $9.99/month.

The well-known television chefs from Cook at Home.

One of the things that sets Cook at Home apart from other cooking platforms is the fact that it emphasizes sustainability. The chefs who teach the classes use only the highest quality sustainable ingredients in their recipes and also rely on our sustainable kitchen products from COOKX.

In the search for a partner for the cutting blocks and tapas boards, they came across Cookx: the partner for environmentally friendly kitchenware. Our products are made from sustainable materials, such as our oak wood, and they are designed to be both functional and stylish.

In the Cook at Home videos, the chefs use various COOKX products, including cutting blocks, tapas boards, bookends and salt and pepper mills. These products are perfect for anyone who wants to cook well and be environmentally friendly at the same time. In addition to their durability, COOKX products are also very functional. They are built to last and they are designed to make cooking and baking a breeze. Cook at Home chefs use these products to create a wide variety of delicious dishes and they are always impressed with their performance and durability.

Chef Chloe Lauwers with our COOKX around butcher block, pepper mill and bookend.

In short, Cook at Home and COOKX are a perfect match. Both companies are committed to sustainability and help people learn how to prepare delicious meals at home. By combining the expertise of the chefs at Cook at Home with the sustainable products of COOKX, everyone can learn to cook like a pro and be kind to the planet at the same time. Subscribe here to Cook at Home Belgium!

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